making even more exciting and unforgettable your pleasant business stay or vacation at Villa Trissino? Let’s have a look to our carefully website selection of websites and discover the secrets of the surroundings the Villa.

territory - a wonderful site illustrating the Colli Berici, at whose feet is Villa Trissino. An area of great natural and historical interest for the visitors who are looking for sports or just wanting to good food and relaxation. - information and news updates on the main tourist resources in the province of Vicenza, where is Villa Trissino. To discover the routes of the territory, its culinary delights and services to tourists. - this website is in English and aimed to english speaking people in Vicenza and surroundings. Nightlife, sports, outdoor recreations, eat and drink, art and culture, shopping. health and beauty, pets, accomodations and others amenities. - an extraordinary multimedia Museum on the works of Palladio, in Vicenza. Villa's models,, drawings, temporary exhibitions. Here also the activities of the International Centre for Architecture A.Palladio. - the updated site of four Civic Museums of Vicenza, some of which are the subject of recent innovative restorations. The Teatro Olimpico, the Palladian Basilica, Palazzo Chiericati, the Natural and Archaeology Museum. - in a baroque palace dated 1678, in Vicenza, wonderful collections of Venetian coins, ancient Russian icons and masterpieces of Venetian painting of the '700. - the city of the famous Palio, the delicious ham and intact walls. 27 km from Villa Trissino. - news about events, exhibitions, shows, cultural and culinary events in Vicenza. - if you need a tour guide to Vicenza and its province, and beyond, this site is great. Multilingual operators. - a few (14) kilometers from Villa Trissino, a beautiful baroque villa, designed by the architect Muttoni that keeps perfectly integrates a kitchen of '500 century, fully furnished rooms and a pleasant garden. - a beautiful museum in Lonigo (5 km far from Villa Trissino) collects one of the top five Italian collections of votive, from 1486 to 1893. A place of great historical as well ad artistic and devotional interest. - just 5 km away from Villa Trissino.In about 6000 square meters, a rich permanent collection of great modern artists such as Tord Bonje, Aldo Cibic, Sandro Chia, Alessandro Mendini, Mimmo Paladino, Jaime Hayon, Arik Levy, Fabio Novembre, Mimmo Paladino,John Pawson, Andrée Putman, Ettore Sottsass, Studio Job, Patricia Urquola and Marcel Wanders. Temporary exhibitions of photography, design and architecture. Must see.

shows - the Teatro Comunale di Lonigo (5 km from Villa Trissino) is 120 years old. It is the only theater of the nineteenth century still active in the province of Vicenza and one of the best preserved historic theaters in the Veneto Region.This cultural gem offers a rich season of theater, dance and music. Online reservations. - the oldest indoor theater in the world, only a few kilometers from Villa Trissino. Calendar of events and online reservations. - if you're in the mood for romance or lovers of opera. The Roman amphitheater in Verona, dating from the1st century AD and its program of works and performances. The magic of the story. Also a temple of international pop music.

shopping - after the Byzantines, Bisazza exports worldwide the highest tradition of the mosaic of furniture. The showroom is 5 kilometers from Villa Trissino. - the only outlet in the world of Bottega Veneta is in Vicenza. Luxury bags and leather product-.Directly from factories and shops of the fashion house. Discounted prices and sometimes the bargain is around the corner. - in Vicenza, the shop of the famous brand of technical clothing for motorcyclists and skiing. Prototypes, helmets, suits, pants, underwear and leather jacket at excellent prices. You can anticipate market trends. - visiting Vicenza, do not miss the richest and updated library of the city (but not the only one). We highly recommended the department of used books, where, with a bit of luck, you'll find real gems at bargain (half) prices. Wide choice of tour guides and eno-gastronomic of the Vicenza area. - under the Juliet and Romeo Castles of Montecchio Maggiore (7 km from Villa Trissino), are the antiques caves "priare", quarries of white stone used for the erection of many Palladian builkdings (maybe Villa Trissino, as well?). Here matures the classic method sparkling wines of the company Bellaguardia. A walking and tasting of wine in this suggestive old basement will let you revive the love sung by the famous novelist Shakespeare.

The shop. In Vicenza, in Piazza Blade No. 2, a delicious Venetian cicchetteria managed by the local fish shop owner Guido. Aperitifs and fresh fish coming daily from the port of Chioggia. Try the fried food take away, and in the small room in the basement you can sample some first and second fine course for dinner or lunch.

Market Vicenza Antique dealer. every 2nd Sunday of the month, the antiques market stalls in the streets of the historic center of Vicenza attracting visitors looking for little treasures. To relax, stop at the Bar Borsa, under the Palladian Basilica.

Flea market. a Brendola (5 km from Meledo), this market collect objects often surprising and really cheap. Recommended a short visit, perhaps returning from neighboring Thais Gallery. – certainly the best outlet in the Northeast Italian. Here the best brands of clothing and footwear made in Italy, heavily discounted. Balances to scream. An hour from the motorway's exit nearest to Villa Trissino.

gourmet - if you do not taste the grappa you cannot really understand the Veneto’s people and if you do not visit this temple of the distillery in Schiavon (50 km far from villa Trissisno), you'll miss the fascinating visions of ancient steam stills and the the centenary family history of the owners told by the well-trained guides. Store. - All the "wine roads" sorrounding Villa Trissino and the most delicious tipical products from Vicenza. - the area of the Pedemontana Veneta, easily accessible from Villa Trissino, is a treasure chest full of artistic treasures and environmental. Gourmet experiences and suggestive paths en plein air. - all antique markets, medieval festivals, fairs and annual festivals, the wine routes, the Veneto. For a cheerful and colorful "full immersion" in the traditions and customs of the people of Veneto.

wellness - a highly organized bio-wellness center in Brendola (5 km) Tiepidarium. Finnish sauna. Turkish bath. Hot tub, cold tub. Kneipp, Relaxation area and herbal tea. Beauty treatments. Slimming center. For your sweet relaxation or remise-en-forme. - good wellness structure in Vicenza. Beauty treatments and swimming pool. For those who need a moment of pleasant relaxation before returning to Villa Trissino to round off the day. - pools of the Middle Ages, unique, with thermal water from natural springs. They are immersed in an ancient grove, formed by huge sycamore trees, cestnut-trees, cinwoods, tuye, pagoda trees, rows of boxwoods and hedges. Surrounded by a 10,000 square meters garden and by other pools. 23 km from Villa Trissino. - a 35 km from Villa Trissino, in a futuristic structure of glass and wood, situated on a huge lawn perfectly equipped, the largest Italian spa for a day of sweet doing nothing in the waters and thermal baths. Accessible both in winter and in summer, to match your "vicentine" discoveries  to the pleasures of a hot relaxation. - the sludges of the Baths of Montegrotto Terme have been patented for their exceptional healing properties. Only 44 km away from Villa Trissino. - in an impressive centuries-old cedars park, two giant outdoor thermal pools, with caves. Sunbathe or just read a book. Spectacular and beneficial. A Lazise (VR), 60 km from Villa Trissino.

sport - in Altavilla Vicentina (11 km from Meledo), you can experience your driving skills in the great kart track (1.6 km of track, which runs on three three interior floors and outside with parabolic curve).

Golf: At Brendola (5 km from Meledo), the local hills Golf Club (18 holes) dominates the plain. Relax in the green. Swimming Pool.

Mountain Bike: the Alta Via dei Colli Berici, the ring of tourist routes developed on about 130 km of trails (11 stages) in 17 municipalities (Alonte, Altavilla Vicentina, Arcugnano, Barbarano Vicentino, Brendola, Castegnero, Grancona, Longare, Lonigo , Mossano, Nanto, Orgiano, San Germano dei Berici, Sarego, Sossano, Villaga, Zovencedo) is born to network among the landscape and cultural offerings. It is available and viable for lovers of trekking and mountain biking, but also the horse (motor vehicles are banned). Online plots on and The printed version is available at the seat of the “Pro Loco Consorzio Berici ". For mountain bike courses and guided tours with instructors:

Horse. a Montecchio Maggiore (5 km) the Horse Club Boschetto is the equestrian center where everyone, adults and children, can approach the equestrian world and practicing various disciplines. Fun activities for children with ponies, theoretical courses and work experience horseback riding, summer courses and other entertainment events. For adults, jumping, basic riding and competitive costs. Numerous services.

Rafting: at Solagna (78 km from Meledo) you can safely try the splendid center of rafting IVANTEAM (one of the largest in Italy), experiencing the thrill of a descent on rafts along the river Brenta, surrounded by unspoilt countryside. In addition to adrenalininic rapids, possibility of diving and bathrooms.