Among the villas in lower Vicenza lies villa Trissino Rossi in Meledo, a majestic, fixed UNESCO heritage site: it was the year 1553 when the brothers Francesco and Ludovico Trissino, from a noble and rich family from Vicenza, commissioned Andrea Palladio to design the villa on their property in Meledo.

Palladio drew up a great plan, describing the site in his quattro libri as "beautiful in the middle of a spacious plain" with above it "a hill watered by a pleasant stream" and "alongside a very   well used road".

The original Palladian production was never completed because of Ludovico Trissino's death. Today two important fragments are still visible, a Colombara tower and the beginning of the barn along the bank of the Brendola stream which was started in 1553 and ended in 1575, opposite another existing barn segment almost in the centre of the original great court constructed in the late 1500s.

The restoration of the existing east barn and the Colombara tower derived from the original plan, which included the construction of two massive barns with Tuscan columns linked by exedras with ionic columns, stopping at the villa with a central hall, with four porches, accessed by a large staircase.

Suggestive and of historical and archaeological interest, the ample cellars have been restored using materials from the 1500s both in the stone walls and in the terracotta brick vaults.

There has been a remarkable restoration of the frescoes by Eliodoro Forbicini (a painter considered by Giorgio Vasari to be "highly skilled in the grotesque style") in the central hall of the tower, depicting animals, birds, fauns and fantastical figures.


The room is completed by a particularly majestic fireplace in red Verona and by a central oculus for the passage of fresh air from the basement to the main floor.


The spiral staircase leading to the tower's attic is very interesting and consists of 56 stone steps placed on top of each other with no binder, interspersed by the floors of 6 dressing rooms.


The lovely Italian garden with roses, boxwood hedges and central flowerbeds, reproduces Palladio's design with its straight and curved lines.

The gate to the boat dock along the stone and ashlar walls is the only one on the Brendola river.

The ashlar gate on the southern wall is imposing. It was the first and only access gate built, instead of the three that were originally planned.




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